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The value we attach to our mobile devices today is such that many people would suggest that their phone is even more important than their health. Now, when you have an issue with your health, you make a doctor’s appointment. So why shouldn’t you have a similar service for your Samsung device or appliance, when something goes wrong?

Understanding just how central mobile devices are to people’s lives, Samsung South Africa has made its cyber-booking service available across all its customer service plazas around the country. These plazas can be found in Johannesburg, Midrand, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

The cyber-booking facility is designed to expedite faster and more effective service. It means that customers can now go online and book a repair service in advance, in the same way one would make an appointment to see the doctor. 

“By making the booking in advance, the service centre is given an early warning, enabling it to make sure that the relevant parts or spares are in stock by the time the customer brings the defective product in. This means that the centre should be able to effect a repair within the hour for the client,” says Richard Chetty, director for SSA Service at Samsung South Africa. 

He explains that the cyber-booking service is available for any Samsung device or appliance, but highlights that with larger appliances, the customer will not be able to expect an immediate repair. In fact, he says, Samsung encourages customers to make use of its Online Chat service for these items. With Online Chat, experts are able to talk to the customers and attempt various troubleshooting options first.

Should they not be able to resolve the problem via the Online Chat service, the agent will then contact the service centre to book a call for the customer, in order to provide Samsung’s in-home service. This service is for all larger appliances and will see a technician being sent to the customer’s house to conduct repairs. These repairs will be done free of charge, as long as the product is still within warranty.

“Our cyber-booking service has been designed to offer our customers even greater levels of ease and convenience when it comes to getting their Samsung devices back in working order, as quickly as possible. At present, most of the major metropolitan areas are covered by this service and Samsung is continuously working on increasing its coverage,” concludes Chetty.



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