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BITMARCK, Germany’s largest full-service IT provider for the public health insurance market, will employ Software AG’s Digital Business Platform to further modernise and enhance the country’s public health insurance software standard. The system offers functionality such as external interfaces, integration with standard systems and new data-based service models. BITMARCK_21c|ng will be implemented for approximately 100 public health insurers by the end of 2018. But Software AG and BITMARCK will continue collaborating successfully beyond that date. In December 2017, BITMARCK confirmed a long-term renewal to their agreement, including new license usage rights and an upgrade to the Enterprise Active Support model.

BITMARCK began modernising the widely established iskv_21c core system in 2012 to foster digitalisation among public health insurers. It was further developed in cooperation with Software AG to become BITMARCK_21c|ng based on the Digital Business Platform (DBP). The webMethods Integration Platform and ARIS Business Process Analysis Platform are the most important components in use for the system.

Employing the DBP as middleware means the tried-and tested core system can be modernised efficiently, eliminating the need for costly reengineering. Thanks to the webMethods Integration Platform, public health insurance companies can integrate their CRM, archiving, scanning and accounting systems with the core system. The ARIS Business Process Analysis Platform provides a model insurance company to describe business processes. When the German government passes a new law that needs to be updated in the system, BITMARCK creates a relevant process in the custom-developed model insurance company. It is then available to insurers to retrieve and adapt as needed.

Comprehensive Rollout and Long-Term Support

In order to ensure smooth operations, Software AG will continue providing BITMARCK with extended support services after the rollout. Enterprise Active Support guarantees extremely fast response times. If an error occurs, Software AG specialists develop a solution plan within four hours. Furthermore, Software AG’s after-office-hours service team is on call in the evenings and on weekends. These are the only times when health insurance providers can make modifications to their IT systems, for example when a merger takes place or a data center moves. A customer success manager at Software AG is assigned to address BITMARCK’s needs with priority, proactively reporting on patch level updates and upgrades as well as providing recommendations for successful system operation.

Specific Requirements of Health Insurers

The new IT solution enables health insurers to master the current challenges of digitalisation. In contrast to statutory retirement and unemployment insurance providers, public health insurers face enormous competitive pressure. Werner Rieche, general manager of Software AG Germany, explains, “Public health insurance providers must compete for customers by offering attractive models and elective services. Health insurers have a legal mandate and must comply with strict guidelines. Balancing these demands is only possible with open, scalable and secure technology.” He continues, “In cooperation with BITMARCK, we are equipping the German healthcare sector for the future with our jointly developed BITMARCK_21c|ng solution.”

Data protection is also a major issue, because the health care sector handles sensitive personal information. Under the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to take effect on May 25, 2018, the penalties for data protection breaches will become even stricter. Software AG is contractually bound to comply with the provisions of the GDPR and trains its employees accordingly.

Dieter Löschky, CEO of BITMARCK Software GmbH, summarises, “Millions of insurance policy holders entrust public health insurance providers to handle their personal data with care. We help our customers fulfill that mandate by providing them with IT that allows them to offer modern services and meet the growing demands of their policy holders. Thanks to Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, we are well positioned to master the current and future challenges of digitalisation. The BITMARCK_21c|ng public health insurance standard helps insurers—regardless of their size—implement their specific strategies as individually as possible.”



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