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The DOCK180 is the world’s first 4K dual-video universal docking station, with backward and forward-compatibility for USB Type A and Type C devices. “The docking station will offer users seamless integration and nimble mobility while delivering maximum resolution on dual and extended 4K screens,” says Mohamed El Aougri, sales director at Targus South Africa. “As USB-C is a relatively new technology, and it will take time to transition from legacy equipment, the dock is a critical piece of the puzzle in the evolution of the USB standard.”

The dock is compatible with USB-C devices, including the Apple MacBook and DisplayPort devices like the Lenovo X1 Tablet. In fact, Dock180 is the most widely compatible universal dock on the market today and it is compatible with most brands and devices. “USB-C can support multiple power deliver (PD) profiles, but it can also fry equipment and even compromise employee safety if not used correctly,” El Aougri says. “Being a trusted technical expert in power and connectivity, we are able to ensure perfect power stability in the DOCK180.”

Not all USB-C laptops can support native dual video output, something the DOCK180 overcomes, allowing users to add up to two ultra-high definition monitors to the work station.  The launch of DOCK180 is an important development in South Africa’s technology landscape, allowing enterprises to get the most out of their equipment, particularly through the evolution onto the new USB-C standard. “The swift transition into the USB-C standard cannot be overstated, as it is smaller, faster and more powerful than its predecessors and is quickly becoming the industry standard,” says El Aougri. “Being a smaller port and connector standard, USB-C will allow manufacturers to produce smaller, thinner and lighter devices, thus enhancing mobility. It also helps that the jack is reversible, saving on frustration and port damage.”

The DOCK180 will be deployed as a key product in the newly established Targus South Africa Workspace Solutions consultative approach, which helps enterprises improve efficiency and productivity with the company’s range of workspace accessories, carrying cases, connectors, docking stations and unique expertise in office productivity.

It will also be available through all Targus distributors, including master distributors Axiz and Tarsus, supporting corporate and retail markets with a full range of products to carry, connect and protect their technology.




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