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How big a team did you have working on the development
of BlueTrack Technology?

I was part of the team that invented the actual technology, and about 25
people worked on the design and development of the Explorer and Explorer
Mini Mouse – from the technology’s inception to production.

Please explain what exactly BlueTrack is?

BlueTrack is the world’s most advanced tracking technology, tracking on more surfaces than optical or laser combined. It’s like four wheel drive for your mouse.  On the more technical side first you need to understand optical and laser. Optical uses a beam of light that is powerful but imprecise. Laser is more precise, but it doesn’t see everything because it uses a small beam that can get caught in things such as carpet. BlueTrack Technology combines the width and power of optical with the precision of laser allowing it to track on surfaces that optical and laser can’t, such as granite and carpet.

It works by using a powerful new tracking engine that combines “specular” optics with a blue beam. Specular optics is high-angle imaging optics that generates an exact replica of the surface instead of blurry, out of focus images, like leading laser mice. The blue beam is four times larger than the beam size on laser, allowing it to track on difficult surfaces. It is also less sensitive to dust and grime than laser.

You recently launched a gaming mouse with this technology in it – what else is coming up from your side?

We don’t have anything specific to announce at this time, but do plan to bring BlueTrack Technology down our line of mice, creating options to fit a variety of consumer needs.


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