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Recently, Premium Brand Distributors brought Anker and eufy products into the South African market, debuting them at this year's SecureEX South Africa Expo. Ryan Noik spoke to Grant Norton, CEO of Premium Brand Distributors to find out how these state-of-the-art technologies are set to redefine the portable power and security sectors.

RN: What does the introduction of Anker products to the South African market mean to businesses and local consumers?

GT: The introduction of Anker products to the local market is a game-changer for both businesses and consumers. Their reliable, durable, and high-capacity power stations provide a reliable power source during loadshedding periods. This translates into uninterrupted business operations and maintaining the convenience of powered devices for consumers.

RN: Power is of course highly topical at the moment locally, as it seems businesses and consumers alike can’t get enough of it. And Anker is highly well regarded globally. Can you speak to me about the Anker 535 and 521 PowerHouses – and how will these help us deal with these ongoing power outages?

GT: The Anker 535 and 521 PowerHouses are ideal solutions for South Africa’s ongoing power outages. With power capacities of 512Wh (138k mAh) and 256Wh (698k mAh), respectively, they can power various devices and appliances, from smartphones and laptops to medical equipment and small appliances. These power stations provide a reliable backup source during loadshedding, ensuring power continuity.

The high-capacity PowerHouse stations are powered by a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery like those used in modern electric vehicles and offer 6 times more usage than conventional batteries. LiFePO4 batteries also offer improved discharge and charge efficiency compared to Lithium-Ion. The stations have been designed using an automotive-grade aluminum alloy that is corrosion and temperature resistant, providing unmatched durability to withstand the harshest of climates.

RN: What scenarios are the PowerHouses most relevant to? Are they aimed at SMEs or particular kinds of usage scenarios?

GT: Anker PowerHouses are versatile and can cater to a range of use cases. They are suitable for SMEs as reliable backup power for operations. Equally, they are perfect for camping or outdoor activities, emergency home backup, or any situation where a portable power source is needed.

RN: What is your view of the market for the Anker offerings in South Africa – and has that been bolstered by the current loadshedding situation?

GT: Given the current loadshedding situation, we anticipate a strong market for Anker offerings in South Africa. As people search for dependable, portable power solutions, Anker's commitment to quality, durability, and performance places its products at a considerable advantage.

RN: Another concern with power outages for many, especially at night, is the impact this has on their security. Would the launch of the eufyCam 3 assist with this?

GT: Anker also provides solutions that address security concerns during power outages. The launch of the eufyCam 3 is testament to this. This security camera has a battery life of up to 365 days per charge and provides full HD surveillance, ensuring security systems remain operational even during loadshedding.

RN:  Who is the eufyCam 3 targeted at – who can most benefit from the technology it offers?

GT: The eufyCam 3 is ideal for anyone looking to maintain their security. Whether it's homeowners seeking reliable home security or businesses wanting to ensure their premises are secure, the eufyCam 3 offers a solution with its long-lasting battery life and high-definition video capabilities, evening during power outages.

The eufyCam 3, part of eufy Security's new Edge Security System, features solar-powered cameras with 4K resolution. Managed by the new HomeBase 3, eufyCam 3 leverages eufy Security's proprietary BionicMind™ self-learning AI technology, where over time this will deliver 99% accuracy in people, as well as detecting pets and objects. By way of example, with BionicMind, every time someone passes through the camera's field-of-view, their face, body and movements are sent to HomeBase 3. The more information the new data hub receives, the more precise its analysis will become.

Additionally, for a more efficient user experience, users have complete control over who can access their video footage, where BionicMind's facial recognition capabilities help users automatically capture and classify past video footage by family members, friends or other frequent visitors. Then, HomeBase 3, BionicMind and the mobile app also work together to identify and instantly notify users of strangers or intruders who've been spotted near their home/property.

HomeBase 3 also comes with 16GB of free, 256-bit encrypted local storage. The data hub can support up to 16 TB of additional memory using an external hard drive (not included in the Edge Security System) for up to 60 years of local video storage without the need to clear space.

This innovative product is certainly designed to enhance user privacy and improve data control, making it ideal for the increasingly security-conscious South African user.

RN: How are these products aiming to differentiate themselves and redefine the portable power and security landscape?

GT: Anker products aim to differentiate themselves by combining high capacity, durability, and convenience in their portable power solutions. Their power stations provide robust backup power with multiple charging options, while the eufyCam 3 offers long-lasting, reliable security solutions. These products redefine the portable power and security landscape by ensuring that loadshedding doesn't disrupt everyday life and operations in South Africa.


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