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R100 for a full album and R10 per track. A sweet price for music. How did you manage that? 

We have deals in place with all of the major record companies as well as more than 2100 independents worldwide. Our global scale allows us to secure favourable terms and to pass the benefits of this on to our customers.

It seems as if you’ve done a good job incorporating local artist into your Music Store offering . Are you at least giving them a good cut? 

We engage with reputable suppliers and make sure that our deals with them are equitable, and trust that they do the same with their artists.

DRM is a sticky topic. I can’t even copy my Nokia purchased music onto my non-Nokia cellphone. Are you planning to go DRM free? Why the long wait? 

We are talking to the music industry about going DRM free, but in the meantime do offer a fair use system which allows music to be transferred, normally 3 times, onto a number of carriers. This offers the best balance of satisfying the needs of the consumer whilst also protecting the rights of the producer of the music.

Was there no easier way for people to purchase music from a PC; that is other than downloading Nokia Music and waiting for its cumbersome installation? 

The desktop software is a key part of the Nokia Music offering which offers a convenient way for the consumer to manage their music and is essential to the use of the store on PC. It is possible to download music direct to your handset, thereby bypassing the need to install the Nokia Music Player.

Nokia’s got a larger incorporative web portal called OVI. What is the strategy behind that? 

Ovi, the consumer brand for Nokia internet services, brings together your online world, your mobile device and your computer into an easy to use and consistent experience.  With Ovi you can easily manage, sync and share your personal files or information, as well as access Nokia services in media sharing, maps, games and messaging.  We will continue to improve the way people discover and use our services through Ovi, and we will add new elements and services as they go through beta testing and develop sufficiently for wider release.  Our vision is for Ovi to bring together people, places, time and things through interconnected services that adjust to the world around you for an enriched and personalized experience. 

How big a role will cellphone apps play in future? 

Mobile devices will undoubtedly play a major part in the future of the music and entertainment businesses, as will applications. Making a variety of applications, which satisfy the needs of consumers, available in a market which is increasingly traded is key to keeping one's competitive advantage and is something on which we are focused.


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