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According to CNET, AMD CEO Dirk Meyer has said that his company will soon be entering the tablet market with new designs that pack “great graphics”.
The announcement came during the company's call on third-quarter earnings, confirming a net loss of $118 million on $1.62 billion in revenue.
He revealed that the company now also believes that the emerging tablet market will drastically infringe upon the current compact notebook and netbook markets. 
“I expect we're going to see tablets in various form factors and thicknesses over time. From everything we understand today, it's still a pretty new market,” he said.
Speaking on the chips that may be used in the new segment he stated that current netbook chips would probably start being implemented in tablets in the future. “I think you'll see AMD solutions in tablets in the next couple of years for that reason,” he said.
Currently the Apple iPad, running on Apple’s mysterious A1 processor, is the most popular tablet in the market, with Intel's Oak Trail Atom processor also looking to make headway in the new segment.
Meyer went on to note that development and R&D spending on AMD's part would increase significantly when the market becomes big enough to justify the investment. “Frankly, we're still so small in the notebook market that it doesn’t make sense for us to turn R&D dollar spending toward the tablet market yet.”
He didn't give any information regarding the products AMD may be planning to introduce to the market, simply saying, “we'll show up with a differentiated offering with great graphics and video technology.”
Hopefully AMD will inject some extra competition into the tablet market when they do decide to jump into the fray.


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