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Amazon today announced that its new cloud-based media streaming service, called the Amazon Cloud Player, has gone live.

The service allows users an easy-to-use cloud storage location from where they can upload and stream music files, documents, photos and videos. The free service allocates every user 5 GB of Cloud Drive storage space initially, and this is upgradable to 20 GB with the purchase of an MP3 album over Amazon.

For those still in the dark, cloud-based storage simple means that the files are stored online, and can thus be accessed from any internet connected PC, just like Google's Gmail accounts function today.

Users can head over to Amazon and easily sing up to the Cloud Drive service (you will need to create an Amazon account), after which you can access Cloud Drive and start utilising your 5 GB worth of storage space.

Users can upload songs and albums purchased from the Amazon website, as well as adding media from your own library.

We tried out the service for ourselves and we're happy to report that it works very well, allowing us to create an account, upload music and stream it back in minutes. Just remember, streaming will cost data.

Android smartphone users will also be happy to learn that the Cloud Player is available to them as well in the form of the Cloud Player Android app. This will allow Android users to easily browse Amazon's MP3 store, save purchases to the Cloud Drive, access all their data on the Cloud Drive, stream files through the Cloud Player and download those files to their Android smartphone or tablet.  


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