Online shopping in South Africa sees 29% increase during 2023 - World Wide Worx

By Staff Writer 13 May 2024

A study released last week by World Wide Worx reveals significant growth in South Africa's online retail sector, which surged to R71-billion in 2023. FULL STORY >


Unlocking joy in every package - The unique benefits of choosing Shop Scanner

By Staff Writer 9 April 2024

South Africa is a vibrant nation brimming with life, culture, and a love for finding good deals. But with busy schedules and a dynamic retail landscape, navigating the best shopping options can be a challenge. FULL STORY >


Nearly a quarter of online daters experience digital stalking

By Staff Writer 13 February 2024

A new survey, commissioned by Kaspersky, of 21,000 people worldwide, has revealed some shocking data about the extent of digital abuse. FULL STORY >


Shift to online driving retail transformation in SA and beyond

By Industry Contributor 7 November 2022

By Heath Huxtable, Executive Head at Braintree by Vox FULL STORY >


Partnerships that bring complementary services and technology can enable the growth of super-apps

By Press Release 13 April 2022

The report explores the partnerships that have been forged that are propelling the development of super-apps and the technological advances that could shape the next stage of growth. FULL STORY >


ASUS launches online store in South Africa

By Staff Writer 13 April 2022

After a successful trial month, ASUS has launched a local ecommerce offering in South Africa. FULL STORY >


The Post-COVID effect - online learning could be here to stay

By Staff Writer 6 April 2022

A new study has revealed that the majority of respondents admit that they are comfortable with online learning. FULL STORY >


Password reset notification scam: a business trick that never gets old

By Staff Writer 24 March 2022

Maria Garnaeva from Kaspersky unpacks the oldest trick in the book - the password reset notification scam - and details what companies and employees can do to avoid becoming a victim of it. FULL STORY >


Be careful of taking a bite out of that Web cookie, warns Kaspersky

By Staff Writer 22 March 2022

Kaspersky has highlighted that there are certain cybersecurity considerations to keep in mind when accepting cookies online. FULL STORY >


Community approach key to driving fibre adoption in lower-income areas

By Industry Contributor 14 March 2022

By Brink van Zyl, Online Experience Consultant at Vox FULL STORY >


Kaspersky recommends parents teach children these 7 digital practices

By Staff Writer 14 March 2022

Educating children with the skills they need to protect themselves online can provide great benefits for families. Cybersecurity and digital privacy company Kaspersky shares 7 digital practices that parents can teach their... FULL STORY >


Creating an immersive digital shopping experience

By Staff Writer 23 February 2022

While there is still a significant disconnect in South Africa between digital-savvy shoppers and those who make purchases in-store, the pandemic and lockdown conditions have narrowed the gap. James MacDonald from SAS explains. FULL STORY >


Online gaming in 2021: These top 5 games took the world by storm

By Staff Writer 13 December 2021

These are the top five most popular games this year, based on peak concurrent players. FULL STORY >


Tech Tips for a Happy Holiday Season

By Industry Contributor 8 December 2021

Dell Technologies' Chris Buchanan offers some tips on safely navigating shopping online, and keeping one's tech devices healthy, ahead of the holiday season. FULL STORY >


Five ways to fight holiday shopping fraud in 2021

By Industry Contributor 7 December 2021

Supply chain issues aren’t the only things that can ruin your holidays this year. Tj Horan, vice president of product management at FICO, unpacks how to avoid being the victim of shopping fraud this holiday season. FULL STORY >

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