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According to PCMag, players of the popular Angry Birds mobile game has a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

Producers Rovio today confirmed that the popular game will be heading to dedicated gaming platforms in the form of the Nintendo Wii and 3DS handheld later this year. The company also stated that a special Valentine's Day version of the game is on the way.
No solid release dates are available yet, but the company stated that the title will be coming to the Wii and 3DS “later in the year.”
This isn't the first time the game has been looking to enter the mainstream console world, this November Rovio chief executive, Peter Vesterbacka, told the BBC that an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii version of Angry Birds are all in the pipeline. Sony also announced earlier this month that Angry Birds would be coming to the PSP and PS3 as a mini game consisting of 63 levels.
In the meantime users can enjoy the Valentine's Day version of the game which is being released today for Android and iOS users. It falls into the “Angry Birds Seasons” package, which already includes Halloween and Christmas inspired game modes.
The new game will cost iPhone users $0.99 and will be available in HD for iPad users at $1.99 while Android users will be able to receive it for free.
Rovio also announced that Android users now have the option of purchasing the “Mighty Eagle” and additional new content using its new online payment system called “Bad Piggy Bank.”
According to Techcrunch, Rovio has 40 people working full-time on Angry Birds with the game selling around 12 million copies to date.


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