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Action Movie FX
Apple’s iPhone is extremely competent on the video recording front, with the latest model offering 1080p video recording. On occasion though, you may want to take your videos to the next level by adding some special effects. Action Movie FX enables users to do just that, offering three highly impressive blockbuster-style effects. You start by choosing one of three scenes, namely Missile Attack, Demolition Rock and Car Smash. After recording your movie, the app will add your chosen effect with you editing its placement and timing. Once completed, you can post the jaw-dropping (well almost) result to Facebook. More effects are available to purchase.   
meta.DJ for iPhone
Ever found yourself on the dancefloor, thinking you can do a better job than the DJ? Well, meta.DJ provides you with the tools to put that suspicion to the test. Start by selecting a foundation track for your tune, then make it unique by adding various elements, including drum beats. Users can also add musical effects such as filter and stutter effects, as well as loops, in time to drop the next beat. If you love music and have even the faintest inclination towards mixing music, this is the app to get. meta.DJ also has a paid for version going for $5, while the original iPad version, with four control decks, retails for $20.
Weather apps aren’t amongst the most exciting, but they do come in quite handy. A case in point being the new WeatherSA app, which is supported by the South African Weather Service. Besides providing users with standard info such as a three-day outlook, this app also delivers storm warnings and daily push notifications. But what about my outdoor plans for the upcoming week – should I reschedule? WeatherSA helps with this via a colour-coded chart, giving you the go-ahead (green) for activities such as braaiing or jogging, or telling you to check the weather (orange) or reschedule (red).  
iPhone tip: Creating folders
One of the major benefits of the iPhone is the ability to clean up homescreens by organising apps into folders. You can, for example, create a Games folder for all your mobile games or put all photography apps into a Pics folder. All you have to do is press and hold any app icon on a homescreen. When it starts to wiggle (shake), drag the icon onto another app that you want grouped. A new folder is automatically created, and now you can simply drag other similar apps into the new folder.


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