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GetJar, the world’s second largest app store recently announced the winners of the Gettie Awards for best mobile applications.

Seven winners were chosen, six for each category and one overall winner divided across a range of devices and operating systems.

Here is a list of the winners from their respective categories:

Best Android application: Lookout – The ultimate in security apps, Lookout helps identify and block security threats and can back-up and restores user’s personal data. It can also find a lost or stolen phone by pinpointing its location of Google maps or sounding a loud alarm.

Best BlackBerry application:
Kayak Flight/Hotel Search – Toted as one of the most useful travel aids, this app can compare hundreds of travel sites at once to help users organize their itinerary and track their flights on the go.

Best iPhone application: Tap Tap Revenge 3 – Putting the stride back in your step, this app offers users over 100 free song downloads along with 100 premium music rhythm games.

Best Java application: WaveSecure Backup - This innovative app helps keep personal data safe by allowing users to back up or restore their data securely.

Best Symbian application: Nimbuzz – An app that helps users get free calls, instant messaging and file and location sharing from sites such as Skype, Facebook, MSN/Windows Live, Yahoo! Messenger, MySpace and many more.

Best Windows Mobile application: Opera Mini – One of the fastest and most cost-effective web browsing experiences around sporting blazingly fast data loading to your mobile.

Best Overall Cross Platform application: Layar – The winner of the 2010 Gettie Awards is Layar, toted as the ‘reality browser’. This innovative application helps users contextualize their immediate surroundings by augmenting reality with digital information and immersive experiences.

Over 7000 entries from more than 100 countries were received, far exceeding GetJar’s expectations.

“What an amazing night – with some of the best developers on the planet at the Gettie Awards ceremony,” said Patrick Mork, CMO of GetJar.  “It was an honor for GetJar to host this celebration for the mobile developers that shape and drive our industry. We could only select one winner per platform, but in reality, the room was filled with winners based on the sheer creativity and innovation across all the major development platforms.”

Of the applications submitted to the 2010 Getties 26% were for the iPhone, 20% for the Android, 18% used Java, 15% Symbian, 13% for BlackBerry and just 9% for Windows Mobile.


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