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Mega corporation Microsoft recently announced that it believes it is just as good as competitor Google at offering online search services.

In a recent interview with the LA Times the company’s senior vice-president of online Yusuf Mehdi commented that Microsoft’s Bing search engine has now caught up to Google in terms of functionality and search capabilities, but that the greatest challenge ahead now is to convince users to change preferences.
This sentiment forms part of a new bid by Microsoft to retrofit Bing with a number of additional features which the company hopes will attract new users.
Bing now offers users the ability to stream music within search windows while incorporating purchase links to online stores such as iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Microsoft Zune.
In addition Microsoft has also integrated TV schedules and several social network tools into Bing search.
Nonetheless Mehdi revealed that Microsoft is relatively nonplussed regarding goings on at Google, adding that the company would rather take Bing in its own direction than focus too heavily on its competitors.
"Our goal is not competitively focused because if you follow the competitor, you go down the same path that they did".
Despite the Microsoft’s bravado regarding Bing, the truth of the matter is that Google still holds a considerable share of the global search market while other providers such as Yahoo! and Bing find it difficult to gain momentum in such an arguably one sided online battle.


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