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Advance OS and LED
If you are a fan of multi-utility applications, then this app is for you. Besides allowing you to change the LED colours of your BlackBerry, this app also has a flashlight, an automatic redial feature and screenshot functionality.
There are loads of extras, since Advance OS and LED includes 20+ apps in this one app download. No wonder it boasts being “the most powerful utility app made for BlackBerry”.
Sonic Advance Free
Sonic makes a welcome return onto BlackBerry phones with Sonic Advance Free (the full game retails for $1). This is a recreation of the first ever Sonic game, so it should bring back a lot of memories for certain readers.
As always, Dr. Eggman has an evil plan to rule the world and it’s up to a coin collecting Sonic to deal with him in speedy fashion. Warning: this game is very addictive.
Offline Browser – Read Offline
We all love reading articles on the go but sometimes we tend to want to view the articles at a later time. Offline Browser fills the gap, since it allows you to save articles and access them without the need for the internet.
Offline Browser will allow you to read articles even if you have poor signal or no data, plus can serve as an article index – keeping track of what you deem important.

BlackBerry Tip of the month

Instead of wasting time pressing the ‘alt’ and ‘m’ keys to insert a full stop, rather double tap the space key. It will automatically insert a full stop after every sentence. This same principle applies when typing email addresses, double tap space when you want to insert the @ symbol.


Article written by Ismail Fadal. 


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