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Cell C has recently set the South African mobile broadband ablaze with the announcement of its supposed 4G offering. 
Although there has been some controversy regarding if what Cell C is offering is true fourth generation connectivity, it is uncontested that the operator’s 21.6 Mbps HSPA + is the fastest mobile broadband solution currently offered in South Africa. 
The company recently released pricing information and details behind its bundles and modems for the new service, which show that it is more than competitive when compared to MTN and Vodacom’s 3G prices. 
According to MyBroadband the pricing structure for each of the offerings presented by Cell C are:
R1 499 - Modem capable of speeds up to 7.2 Mbps and 2 GB of data monthly for twelve months.
R2 999 - Modem capable of speeds up to 21.6 Mbps and 5 GB of data monthly for twelve months.
It is particularly interesting to note that these are once off fees for a year’s subscription, as apposed to the monthly contract costs incurred on MTN and Vodacom’s data network packages. 
In addition to this, Cell C’s per GB prices are 70% - 75% lower than MTN and Vodacom’s. 
At present we are unsure of further details behind the packages, such as how users will be able to purchase extra bandwidth or what the procedure will be after the first twelve months have elapsed. 
Cell C has confirmed that it will announce release details soon. 
Cell C's Data Deal Promotion


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