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Some of Microsoft’s hardware partners have announced their silicone chipsets which supports Windows 8, the next version of the Redmond-based company’s PC operating system (OS), which it showcased earlier today.
First out of the blocks was Qualcomm, revealing that its upcoming Snapdragon family of smart mobile processors, including the MSM8960 with integrated 3G/LTE modem, is designed to power devices running the next version of Windows.
Dual- and quad-core Snapdragons, powering Windows 8 devices
The first processor in the Snapdragon family to power devices using the next version of Windows will be the MSM8960. It will be followed early next year by the quad-core Snapdragon APQ8064.
“Windows 8 will enable customers to have the flexibility, connectivity and power that they expect from Windows today with new, touch-only devices like tablets. This will require high-performing, low-power processors like those from Qualcomm, with features like 3G and 4G wireless wide area network (WWAN) connectivity,” said Mike Angiulo, corporate vice president of Windows planning, hardware and PC ecosystem.
“We collaborate with Qualcomm because Snapdragon-powered devices will help Windows 8 consumers experience more out of their Windows device and enable hardware manufacturers to try exciting new PC designs.”
Multi-core 1.8 GHz OMAP4470 application processor on the way
Texas Instruments also introduced its OMAP4470 applications processor today, which is a multi-core OMAP4470 processor offering clock speeds of up to 1.8 GHz.
According to the company, it will deliver an 80% increase in web browsing performance, increased memory bandwidth, a 2.5x boost in graphics functionality via the POWERVR SGX544 core from Imagination Technologies, as well as a unique hardware composition engine. Mobile computing and gaming applications running on OS’ the likes of Google’s Android, Linux and the next version of Microsoft Windows will employ the OMAP4470. Mobile devices powered by the 45nm OMAP4470 processor are expected to hit the market by the first half of 2012.
Besides silicone from these two chipmakers’ operating on Windows 8, the OS will also be powered by processors from Intel, AMD as well as Nvidia.


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