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As most of you probably already know at this stage, Duke Nukem is making his big comeback later this year, finally returning to gamers' screens in Gearbox Software's Duke Nukem Forever.

The latest entry is set to continue Duke's legacy of crude humour, lots of violence and bad ass one-liners. And while those aspects may grind the gears of some, it's one of the game's multiplayer modes that has so far attracted the most controversy, the so called “Capture the Babe” mode.

Similar to other Capture the Flag (CTF) mulitplayer game modes found in most modern shooters, Duke's mode has a slight difference in that it has players fighting for control of a designated “babe” taking the place of the flag, Eurogamer reports.

According to them, the woman may “sometimes freak out” needing a gentle “reassuring slap” before settling down again, presumably slung over a Duke lookalike's shoulder.

It was stated that this was, “more goofy than offensive” though, with the rest of the match playing off as a standard CTF.

The material definitely fits with the rest of the game's content, which includes questionable practices such as first-person urination and other crude Duke humour.

The mode is sure to invite a ton of controversy, which as we've seen with previous controversial game content, is something the developers might even be aiming for.

Duke Nukem Forever is releasing on the 6th of May for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


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