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Juggernaut beta launched yesterday

Russian-based Mail.Ru Games has launched the official open beta phase of its action-RPG Juggernaut. The game is primarily browser-based, though optional client software can also be downloaded – quite a novel approach in gaming. The emphasis of the game is on fast action and furious battles, with both PvP ("player vs. player") and non-PvP tastes being catered for.
Interestingly, the same server will host all language versions, allowing players to interact internationally, with the option to disable foreign languages if so desired. You can sign up for the beta at
Upcoming Game Releases
It seems publishers are waking up from their post-Xmas/New Year's lull, with the coming month heralding the arrival of several high-profile titles. Here's a sampling of some gaming treats during March in SA:
Rift (PC)
Dragon Age II (PC, X360)
Crysis 2 (PC, X360, PS3)
Sniper Rifle Gun
This self-descriptive accessory from CTA Digital provides PlayStation Move users with a "convertible" gun for first-person shooter games. This controller's scope, rear stock, and muzzle are all easily detachable, allowing the full-sized rifle to be reconfigured into a shotgun-sized weapon.
The available basic configurations are sniper rifle, assault rifle, and shotgun. It also ships with a sniper bipod attachment for steady aiming. Because it uses motion detection, it makes for more intuitive aiming in shooter games than, for instance, using a standard PlayStation controller. SA online retailer will be offering this item starting the end of the month. (More below)
Crysis in the Big Apple
Three years ago, Crysis took us to the jungles of some tropical South-East Asian island, where we discovered aliens, long buried beneath the earth, awakening to wreak who-knows-what on the surface world. Next month, Crysis 2 will continue that story, this time in the streets of New York. The world's climate and seismology are being disrupted by the aliens' influence, far beyond the localised bubble of cold of the original game, and it is up to a nanosuit-bedecked warrior to save the world.  Again.
Check out the game trailer below. 


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