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Sony's PSP successor is here

Earlier this week Sony finally unveiled its upcoming new handheld gaming device, at this stage called only the “Next Generation Portable” (NGP), but nicknamed by many as simply the PSP2. The device features a form factor redesign, touch-enabled display and performance options which Sony claims can rival that of the mighty PlayStation 3. Importantly it also contains 3G, and not just Wi-Fi like the 3DS, bringing online gaming to the portable world. Check out our more in-depth day one coverage here.
Call of Sony: Handheld Warfare 2
Game-wise Sony's NGP is looking quite solid thus far, with a number of titles revealed for the device and some even showcased in highly impressive tech demos. An interesting announcement that will have FPS fans happy though is that Activision has announced that it will be releasing a new Call of Duty game for the portable.
According to Kotaku, during the handheld's unveiling in Japan, Philip Earl from Activision took to the stage saying, “We believe that NGP will change the way people play games on the go, and what better way to prove that, than with Call of Duty.” He continued, “When considering the OLED screen, dual analog sticks, touch screens, and social connectivity options, the possibilities are endless.”
This last mention is especially enticing as Sony has hinted at integration between the PS3 and its new handheld, meaning almost endless multiplayer and cross-platform options could be available to the developers of the next handheld Call of Duty. 
Nintendo 3DS huge updates planned
The other major new handheld of the year is of course Nintendo's 3DS, and it's going to be very interesting to watch the battle between the two competing game makers play out once again. 
While most of the device's details have already been revealed, according to Kotaku the 3DS will receive several large updates a couple of months after it launches. The updates, possibly slated for May, will include an advanced new web browser, the ability to transfer DSiWare titles to the 3DS and will also include the anticipated Nintendo eShop. 
This online store will sell classic Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles to nostalgic gamers worldwide and will also feature apps designed specifically for the 3DS.
DCUO selling like hot cakes
According to PlayStation Lifestyle, Sony Online Entertainment's new MMO title, DC Universe Online (DCUO), has become the company's fastest selling game ever. 
While it's true that the company is known for producing great MMO titles (they are the creators of EverQuest after all), DCUO's success is definitely something of a surprise. John Smedley, president of SOE, announced on his twitter account this week that stores were running out of stock of the game as it continued smashing more records than Superman himself. 
Smedley tweeted, “Working on out-of-stock problems for DCUO. It's our fastest selling game ever. Should have more inventory in Monday.” The title even managed to secure the spot for most digital sales on Steam last week, an amazing achievement for an MMO on the shooter dominated network.
Uncharted looks amazing on PSP2
At its Tokyo press conference yesterday Sony treated attendees to some live tech demos on its new handheld (the NGP). 
The video below, courtesy of Gamespot, showcases Naughty Dog's upcoming new game for the system (which is yet unnamed), showing protagonist Nathan Drake moving through a lush jungle as well as taking out a few unsuspecting enemies. 
In the video we can see how the device's new touch controls can be used to effectively guide him through the game, with an upward swipe of the touch-screen making Drake vault over objects, and using the back touch panel to help him climb up a vein. Seeing this video, we have to agree that the NGP's graphics can stand at least on par with that of the PS3, it looks simply amazing.


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