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It’s not often that tripods inspire a second or third look, but once in a while, a genuinely innovative design comes along that thrusts the photographer's support accessory into the limelight.
Such is the case with Giotto’s new Silk Road Series – YTL tripods, which addresses the biggest problem encountered when travelling with and toting a tripod – namely, the gadget’s size.
The company – which has patented its design – has managed to decrease the overall volume of its tripods by a whopping 30%, by redesigning the tripod’s central column.
Apparently, this innovation does not come at a cost to the critical stability, strength or the capacity of the tripod to support heavy cameras and lenses. Indeed, the weight capacities that the tripods can support range from 5 kg up to 10 kg, with an 8 kg version in the middle.
The volume occupied by the tripod has been reduced thanks to a newly designed central column.
According to DPreview, the new range consists of twelve models, while users can choose from a two way centre column or the more versatile 3 way centre column, which is aimed at those who need to photograph from a very low level.
The range further includes models with 3-section and 4-section tripod legs, for additional height and compact stowage. According to the company, the adjustable tripod legs further offer three ‘footprint’ settings – full height, mid height where the legs are slightly wider and an ultra wide setting for low level photography.
Additionally, the company affirmed that all its tripods have a swappable tripod thread, making the Silk Road YTL range compatible with any of Giotto’s tripod head and as well as those offered by other manufacturers.
To the point
Users can choose between aluminium and carbon fibre, with the latter being lighter, but more expensive. For travel photographers in particular, toting a tripod is all about weight and how conveniently it can be carried, thus the new design, and its benefits, may be very welcome news indeed.

Currently, the pricing ranges from £100 up to £350; here’s hoping they make their way to our shores in the near future as well. 


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