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The Google Nexus One was officially launched in the US yesterday. The much vaunted “Google phone” will be sold through a web store that will be hosted by the search company itself.

The online buzz leading up to the official announcement of the "superphone" was phenomenal, but early reports and a quick squizz as the device’s specs tell a different story. The phone looks to every bit a powerful smartphone with the latest Android operating system, an impressive 3.7" display and a Qualcomm QSD 8250 1 GHz processor. The trouble is that this is hardly revolutionary – a quality we’ve come to expect from Google products. Quite honestly the device resembles a HTC Android phone, which comes as no surprise since HTC built the phone.

While the phone hasn’t set hearts racing, the news of an online Nexus One store controlled by Google is rather interesting. Through the web store, consumers can buy the Nexus One with or without a contract in the US. The launch of the phone and the online store are clear moves by Google to enter the mobile market on the hardware front – and knowing Google their plans won’t end there. The move to bring a Google handset to market is rather daring on Google’s part however, as the launch puts the company in competition with members of the Open Handset Alliance, backers of the Android platform.

There is no indication on a launch date for the device in South Africa as yet. The Nexus One retails at $180 with a contract or $530 unlocked in the US.


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