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While no official announcements have been made yet, a sharp-eyed TechCrunch reader earlier today hinted to check out a new website simply named Closer inspection revealed that the hint was indeed valid, with users being redirected to Google's unannounced (but fully operational) new search portal.

The wdyl website contains a simple Google search bar which asks users, “what do you love?” Entering a query into the search bar, for example cheesecake, returns a large number of results from the plethora of Google services available.

As part of the results you'll find translations of the word in different languages (Google Translate), books about the topic (Google Books), alongside videos (YouTube), images (Google Image Search), popularity (Google Trends), and even location via Google Maps and Earth.

Gmail, Google Calender, Google News and Blog Search results are also included as well as mobile search, voice and quick search options through Google Chrome.

While the service is sure to receive a number of upgrades before its final phase (entering the address without 'www' still results in a 404 page), it nonetheless sports a very impressive and easy to use design. Whether its 'cheesecake', 'cricket' or 'TechSmart', the site was able to return valid results on each occasion, organising them neatly in its collection of informative windows.

It seems quite obvious at this stage that the wdyl site is set to serve as a direct Google search portal for Google products and sites. The move also comes in lieu of other websites recently accusing Google of favouring its own results in Google search queries.

Whatever the case, unified Google searching is now available to try out through, check it out and let us know if you think it will affect the future of web searching, a market already dominated by Google.


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