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Google has announced of a new stable channel of Chrome, Chrome 14, following last month’s beta channel release.

This latest release of its Chrome browser contains two crucial technologies, enabling developers to create enhanced web apps and games:
  • The Web Audio API allows developers to add improved audio effects, the likes of room simulation.
  • Native Client is an open-source technology which allows C and C++ code to be seamlessly and securely executed within the browser. Currently, Native Client only supports applications listed in the Chrome Web Store, but Google stated that it is working to remove this limitation as soon as possible.

The new release also contains some changes for Chrome users who are running the browser on their Mac OS X Lion operating computers. “For all web pages, Chrome uses Lion's overlay scrollbars, which appear only while you’re scrolling. We’ve also added initial support for Lion’s full-screen mode, triggered by a full-screen button or Ctrl+Shift+F. Finally, we’ve fixed many crash bugs, and added some all-around visual polish,” explained Google software engineer, Brad Chen, on a blogspost.

Users who already have Google’s Chrome browser installed on their computer will automatically be updated to the newest version, whilst new users can download Chrome from the company’s website.

In related news Google also recently acquired German group buying site DailyDeal, to expand its group buying services into Europe.


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