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Incredible Connection is offering free broadband ADSL data bundles to customers buying a notebook or PC, no matter what the price of the device.

The new initiative, named 'Incredible Connect', has been developed in conjunction with internet access and ISP specialists Branded Internet, and is designed to bring the benefits of broadband internet to more people.
Customers that buy a computer for less than R6000 from Incredible Connection from the middle of November 2010, will, as part of their purchase, be given a free 39 GB ADSL data voucher worth R1500 for Incredible Connect. If a PC is purchased for between R6000 and R10 000 the value of the voucher will climb to R2000, giving them 52 GB of ADSL data. Buying a computer of more than R10 000 in value will see customers receiving a R2500 voucher worth 65 GB of ADSL data.
“We have no doubt that the Incredible Connect offering will see dozens of new ADSL users discovering the joys of broadband Internet and we believe this offer will be equally attractive to many existing ADSL users," says Dave Miller, CEO of Incredible Connection.  
The only thing required by the customer to take advantage of this deal (apart from buying a computer from Incredible Connection), is an ADSL line and router, which can also be facilitated on their behalf if they don't have one installed. Customers can also switch their line subscriptions to Incredible Connect and upon doing this will receive an additional R500 (13 GB) data voucher.
“We have not cut any corners with this ADSL offer and will be giving customers an exceptional experience. We’re providing Incredible Connect customers with a premium unthrottled product. Not only that, but this product is provisioned on our redundant backbone, which is serviced by a combination of upstream bandwidth from both the SAT3 and Seacom cables,” said Lance Terner, CEO of Branded Internet. 


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