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Google+ isn’t the only social network benefiting from record number of visitors. That other darling of the social networking scene for working professionals, LinkedIn, is also growing at an unprecedented rate.

Unstoppable momentum

While announcing its financial results yesterday, the California based LinkedIn Corporation reported that it had seen its membership base grow to 115 million, a 61% increase from the second quarter of 2010. However, TechCrunch placed this figure above 120 million members, and noted that LinkedIn is adding two new members every second. That would mean that, if this article took you three minutes to read, in that same time, three hundred and sixty new members would have joined the site.

Unique visitors to the site were recorded at 81.8 million per month, which was a significant 83% increase over the same time period. According to Jeff Weiner, the chief executive officer of LinkedIn, the site has seen record levels of members, unique visitors and page views.

This is despite the introduction of Google+ in the past month, and indicated that social networkers may prefer to keep their personal social networking separate from their professional lives.

Submission made easier

The results came a week after the site launched its new plugin, Apply with LinkedIn, which enabled job seekers to submit their LinkedIn profile for job opportunities on an employer’s website. Weiner pointed out that, in the current challenging employment environment, being able to connect talent with opportunity was more essential than ever.
"Going forward, we plan to continue to invest in our team, technology, and products in order to increase the value we deliver to members and realise the full potential of the LinkedIn platform," said Weiner.

In recent news, Google+ broke the twenty million member mark in three weeks.

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