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The local internet market has been on fire in recent months, with providers striving to outdo one another with aggressively priced new offerings.

Now MWEB, “South Africa's leading ISP” is getting back into the fight, responding to 8ta's recently revealed mobile internet offerings by launching newly bundled ADSL and 3G packages.

These new deals allows consumers to enjoy both the speed and stability of a fixed line ADSL account, coupled with the flexibility and convenience of a mobile MTN 3G connection.

To spearhead its innovative new offering MWEB has created two bundles, namely a capped account which includes 2 GB of MWEB ADSL and 2 GB of MTN 3G access; and an uncapped account which provides limitless ADSL and 3 GB Uncapped Lite MTN data.

The entry level bundle will be charged at R199 per month, while the higher-end uncapped bundle will be offered for R499 per month. Both bundles includes a 384 Kbps ADSL offering, a decent account for general use, but not one you should consider if you want to do intense gaming and/or downloading.

The deal is extremely convenient for most other users though, offering not only one unified invoice, but also including an ADSL router and USB 3G modem. In addition customers will also benefit from five hours of free Wi-Fi in MWEB hotspots, a 2 GB email mailbox, 5 GB cloud-storage account and free Uncapped Hosting for a year.

“With the Internet playing an ever increasing role in people's day to day lives, we understand the essential need for users to stay connected while on the go. Our bundled ADSL and 3G packages are perfect as they give consumers access to both fixed and mobile connections at a reduced price and a cost saving,” commented MWEB CEO, Derek Hershaw.

Visit or call 08600 32000 for more information.


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