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EA's new Medal of Honor game hit stores around the world last week, and even though some of the review scores haven't met expectations, it still seems the shooter is selling like hot cakes.
According to CVG, official GfK-ChartTrack data recorded that the first person shooter sold 1.5 million copies in a mere five days since its US release, and only two days after its international release.
“Medal of Honor is one of EA's most storied franchises and we're thrilled to see that fans worldwide have embraced it,” said EA head Frank Gibeau.
EA will be celebrating the achievement by offering gamers a free DLC (downloadable content) pack that will add a new mode called Clean Sweep, as well as two new multiplayer maps to the package.
This new mode will be an elimination mode in which two teams will face each other in short and intense gun battles, with the catch being that you won't be able to respawn until the match is over, making it a true test of skill.
The DLC will be released on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on the 2nd of November while the PC version should follow soon after.
It remains to be seen if Medal of Honor can face up to the challenge that Call of Duty: Black Ops will be throwing its way when the game releases on the 9th of November. Medal of Honor received an average score of 75 on metacritic while Call of Duty's previous outing, Modern Warfare 2, averaged 94. Of course, score isn't everything, but it is as good an indicator as any of a game's overall quality.
We’ve been busy dissecting the game ourselves, so look forward to our Medal of Honor review going online before the end of the week.


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