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The folks at Microsoft must be tired of Apple always churning out the most fashion-conscious pieces of hardware. They responded nicely last year, at least on the peripheral front, with the trendy Arc mouse. This year the Arc mouse is joined by yet another chic item from Microsoft’s Hardware industrial design team, the Arc keyboard.   

It’s small (311 x 153.9 mm) and light (under 500 g) enough for you to carry round your home, and with its eye-catching design it won’t look out of place amongst your stylish home accessories. 

This dome shape of the Arc keyboard isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but functional as well because it easily sits on your lap. The snap-in Nano wireless transceiver that is used to connect the keyboard with your PC, can be magnetically snapped in the bottom of the keyboard for storage.

“The design tenets that we looked to for the Arc keyboard were simplicity and crisp softness, creating an aesthetic for this product that is casual and sophisticated at the same time,” said Monique Chatterjee, industrial designer for Microsoft Hardware. “We drew our design inspiration directly from the places where we envision this product will be used so it perfectly blends with existing home accessories.”

 Microsoft’s Arc keyboard goes for a recommended retail price of R799 and is backed up by a three year limited hardware warranty.


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