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Earlier this year Microsoft attempted to enter the mobile phone market with its Kin phones, aimed at tweens, teens and twenty-somethings. The phones turned out to be a dismal flop, being pulled from retailers after only two days of availability.

But now, thanks to PPCGeeks, information has been leaked confirming that American mobile operator Verizon is planning to reintroduce the failed phones sometime before the end of the year.
The Kin One and Kin Two are being made available once more, but they will be slightly different from the phones which launched earlier this year. For one, the phones have been completely debundled from data services, meaning no more forced monthly fees. Users will still be able to use Zune Pass over Wi-Fi when not signed up to a data plan though.
The phones are listed as "enhanced feature phones", although the internal specs looks identical. The devices are equipped with a touch-screen and full-sized QWERTY keyboard for messaging ease as well as a high-end 5 MP camera and 4 GB of internal memory.
It's definitely an interesting move from Verizon's side, although it's strongly expected that the company is simply trying to get rid of its stock backlog before the phones are scrapped completely. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer even had his bonus cut in half this year due to the failure of the phones. We don't expect to see the Kin phones reach South African shores. 


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