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Following the release of Google’s Chrome 19 web browser, Mozilla makes the latest version of its desktop internet browser available for download.

Firefox 13 makes a number of esthetic changes, introducing a redesigned home page that incorporates icons at the bottom of the page, providing users with easy access to their bookmarks, browsing history, browser settings, add-ons, downloads as well as sync preferences.

Besides this new home page, Firefox 13 also features an enhanced new tab experience. Now, when users opens a new tab, they’ll see thumbnails of all their most recently and frequently visited sites (in a similar way to Chrome and Opera). Users can also customise the new tab page by adding or removing thumbnails or moving these around so that your favourite pages are at the top for instance.

Those new to Firefox can download (around 16 MB - Windows PC version) this browser for computers running Windows, Mac OS as well as Linux. Users that already have Firefox installed can go to the About Firefox section in their browser to update (about 10 MB for Windows PC) to the latest version.

In other browser related news, Chrome has finally managed to unseat Internet Explorer (IE) to become the world’s top internet browser for the first time for a full calendar month during May. Google’s desktop browser managed to obtain 32.43% of the worldwide desktop browser market share compared to 32.12% for IE and 25.55% for Firefox.


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