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The new Leica V-LUX30, which is now available in South Africa, seems to be particularly aimed at adventurers and travelers. However, this does not necessarily make it a frivolous offering. While the company faces stiff competition from the likes of Nikon and Canon, its new camera nonetheless offers a variety of noteworthy features in a portable form that are at least worth a look.  

The first of these, of considerable importance for photographers on the move, is the camera’s 16× optical-zoom range. This enables the camera to provide wide-angle, macro and telephoto views, with focal lengths that range from 24 mm to 384 mm, for video as well as still pictures. The camera also includes a continuous shooting mode (burst mode), with a capture speed of ten images per second at its full 14.1 megapixel resolution.

Additionally, the Leica V-LUX30 records videos in 1920 × 1080i AVCHD full-HD including GPS data. According to the company, it manages to do this while using 50% less memory as compared to the M-JPEG format, without sacrificing image quality. A further feature on offer by the camera is a 3D image-capture mode. 

Easy handling

As befitting its reputation for making cameras that are readily accessible, Leica has seen fit to include an LCD touch-screen display - along with the familiar menu button - which can also be used to control the camera’s variety of features. For quick access to the video function, the video start button is located on the top of the camera, next to the shutter-release button. Additionally, users can browse through captured images in playback mode and enlarge them with a light tap.

I spy with an eye in the sky

As would be expected from a camera that is directly aimed at travellers, the Leica V-LUX30 does include integrated GPS, which records the geographical coordinates of the location and the local time of every picture taken, and stores the data in the EXIF data of the image files. In addition, the GPS function also shows sightseeing highlights and interesting places to visit in the immediate area. Pictures can be sorted according to time and location and displayed in online slideshows or shown on maps at the exact location they were taken. These can then be uploaded in conjunction with social networks, image portals and map services, such as Google Maps and Google Earth.
The Leica V-LUX30 is now available in South Africa with an RRP of R7000.



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