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The rumour mill is churning once again as a new report from Develop claims that Microsoft may soon be looking to continue its Xbox-exclusive racing franchise, Project Gotham Racing.

The fourth and last game in the series, PGR 4, was released in 2007 shortly before Activision bought Bizarre Creations, the developers responsible for the game. 
Now Microsoft is believed to be shopping around for independent European game studios to find the next home for its PGR franchise, aiming to release a new exclusive Xbox 360 racer to the masses.
No studios have been named thus far, but it is interesting to see Microsoft looking around the European market as that means it isn't considering the Seattle-based Turn 10 studios, creators of the popular Forza series.
Both titles feature licensed cars and manufacturers, but their execution is vastly different. Whereas Forza is a more realistic track-based racer, the PGR series has traditionally played off in urban environments. Examples for tracks for PGR 4 includes Tokyo, Shanghai and New York City.
The company hasn't released any official comment on the matter saying, “Microsoft does not comment on rumours or speculation.” 
The company not denying it outright spells a possible good future for the PGR series though, it definitely makes sense that Microsoft would be looking to continue the successful series with PGR 5, especially with PlayStation 3 exclusive Gran Turismo 5 looming (forever) on the horizon.


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