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If Dolph Lundgren inspired you to try your hand at online gambling, you’ll be disappointed to hear that this acitivity is now illegal in South Africa.
North Gauteng High Court Judge NB Tuchten handed down a ruling regarding the legality of online gambling. Based on this the act of gambling is now deemed to take place at the punter’s PC and not where the server is located. As a result it is illegal to gamble online because punters take part in it from their home or office and not at a licensed casino or betting outlet.
The Gauteng Gambling Board has issued a statement following the ruling in which it says it is unlawful for Internet operators to offer on-line gambling (interactive games) to South African residents.
“It is unlawful for Internet service providers (ISPs) to facilitate online gambling and for the media to broadcast or publish advertisements promoting online gambling. Financial service providers including banks are not allowed to assist clients, who wish to gamble online by for example allowing them to make financial transactions on online gambling sites” the statement reads. 
The Gauteng Gambling Board added that they will pursue any person or organisation which contravene the gambling legislation. Offenders could face a prison sentence of up to ten years or a fine of up to R10 million or both.


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