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Following right in the wake of the release of the Opera 11.50 PC browser, Opera Software has launched new versions of its mobile browsers today.

The company’s newly released Opera Mini 6.1 and Opera Mobile 11.1 browsers boasts built-in search fields, which will show suggestions while a user is typing. Time savings won’t only emanate from search query suggestions though, as the new top-level domain learning feature enables top-level domains such as .uk to be picked up by the browser.

The same but different

What is the difference between the Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers? Both look incredibly similar due to the fact that these utilise the same user interface, but they work differently.

The Opera Mini browser uses Opera servers to transcode and compress webpages by up to 90%, before these are sent to the mobile device. It always sends a user’s web server traffic securely. Due to Opera Mini’s data compression, it will work on almost any mobile phone and according to the company will always be faster and cheaper than alternative mobile browsers, due to the data savings.

Opera Mini will run on the Java (J2ME) platform, BlackBerry operating system (OS), Symbian Series 60 mobile OS, Google’s Android mobile OS, as well as Apple’s iOS.

The Opera Mobile browser on the other hand, is a full-fledged web browser that shares the same rendering engine as the Opera PC browser. This allows for the support of leading HTML5 features for smartphones and tablet PCs running this browser. When a user employs the Opera Mobile browser, he/ she can also enable or disable website compression.

Opera Mobile is available for Android-operating smartphones and tablets, tablet PCs running on Windows 7, Nokia’s Symbian S60-powered smartphones and portable devices running Nokia and Intel’s MeeGo OS such as the newly announced Nokia N9.

Opera Software’s Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers are available as free downloads from the company’s mobile site as well as via BlackBerry App World, the Android Market and Apple App Store.


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