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Some say Chuck Norris asked him for PC advice, while others claim he can detect Wi-Fi networks by ear. We call him PC Medic and he’s here to answer your PC related queries.

Q Hello PC Medic. I want to upgrade from Windows 7 Starter edition to Windows 7 Professional. But it is on a DVD and my netbook doesn’t have a DVD-drive. Can I upgrade using this disk, without having to purchase an external DVD-drive? Eugene Wentzel

A Hi Eugene. Type “Anytime Upgrade” in the Search box of the Start menu and click on “Windows Anytime Upgrade”. By utilising the Anytime Upgrade feature, you will be able to perform a simple upgrade, without having to employ your Windows 7 Professional DVD. You will need to enter your authentic Windows 7 retail product key and be connected to the net.

Q Hi PC Medic. I love WhatsApp on my Nokia as I am able to chat to any of my friends, no matter what OS their phone uses. Is there a way to log off and disconnect from WhatsApp like there is in MXit for example, to help with my data bill? Leonard

A Hey Leonard. Sorry, no there isn’t. The Nokia version of WhatsApp messenger has been designed to always be connected much like BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is. This makes it convenient to receive messages as soon as they are sent (unlike MXit where you have to be logged in and connected), but will inevitably add to your data charges.

Tips for Windows 7:

System Protection is a feature within Windows 7 that allows users to (unlike the real world) turn back time when it comes to their PCs. If you are unable to get rid of an error or virus that’s messing up your PC, you are able to go back to a restore point. The problem with having many restore points though is that it starts to eat into the available storage on your PC’s hard drive. Luckily you are able to adjust the maximum disk space used by System Protection.

Click on “Start” and right click on “My Computer”. Choose “System Properties” from the menu, which will open the System window. Click on “Advanced System Settings” and then on the “System Protection” tab. Select the C drive (or the one with Windows 7 installed on) in the list of drives and click on “Configure”. Move the slider to the left to decrease the amount of storage space Windows 7 can use for System Protection files in order to free more space. Click “Apply”.


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