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DC’s superhero universe is ripe for portrayal, in both movies and videogames. The question is always, can the medium do the IP justice or does it betray it entirely?
With Injustice: Gods Among Us (IGAU) the short answer is that the game is a triumph, by offering up an engaging superhero Tour de Force that compels one to keep coming back to play it for ‘just a little longer’.
Calamity has befallen Metropolis, with the sum of all fears realised, as the city has been reduced to ashes by a nuclear explosion.  In a bid to stop the explosion before it happens, several of the superheroes, including Batman, Green Lantern, Nightwing, Green Arrow and Wonder Woman get sucked into a parallel earth, where they are considered the world’s villains.
The great 'put the toilet seat down' argument completely spiralled out of control.
Complicating matters is the fact that in this parallel world, five years after the calamity, former superheroes have turned into dark versions of themselves, starting with an enraged Superman, who in the wake of Metropolis’ demise – and the death of his wife and son, killed The Joker.
He then assumed control of an One Earth government, eventually becoming a seemingly invincible and intractable tyrant, the kind of menace he once would have protected mankind from. It falls to the alternate superheroes to confront him, return to their own time/space and set the world right.
The first rule of Fight Club
This story premise sets the stage for some beautifully complex and engaging battles, as you step into the shoes of each of the superheroes – and a couple of villains – amid luscious graphics and brawl your way to victory. You also have a strong variety of attacks, from the normal and mundane, including basic attacks, combo attacks, special moves and then your character’s unique power.
This plethora of moves and options elevates the game from being a button-masher, to instead, offering the opportunity to fight cleverly, using the right combo or move at the right time for maximum damage.
Furthermore, combining these in battle add up to some spectacular fights, which take place on a 2D plane but within beautifully rendered 3D environments. Also on offer is a multiplayer component, which further allows you to extend the game’s longevity by fighting against your friends or against online opponents.
"As a matter of fact, that was NOT a hairball, and no, for the final
time, I do not need to use the kitty litter."
To the point

Injustice: Gods Among Us could have been a mishmash and a mess, and perhaps in an alternate universe, it is. In this one though, the game does the vast DC world a great justice, by proving to be a knockout. RRP: R600. 


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