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According to Gamespot, Sony will be holding an exclusive press event in Tokyo on the 27th of January, and the topics of the meeting may just include the rumoured PSP 2 (PlayStation Portable 2).

The reports first started circulating when websites VG247 and MCV, citing unnamed sources, said that Sony would use the Jan 27 event to officially announce the PSP 2.
A representative from Sony Computer Entertainment America later confirmed that Sony would be holding a press event in Tokyo saying, “We'll be sharing our business overview and strategy, but there's nothing else we can comment on as far as topics.”
While the PSP 2 has not yet been officially unveiled by Sony, the device has been the focus of a number of leaks in the past, all but confirming the device and its specs. We recently also reported on a major leak of the PlayStation Phone, another handheld gaming device from Sony yet to see the official light of day. 
The start of 2011 is shaping up to be quite handheld heavy, with Nintendo also holding a press event for its upcoming Nintendo 3DS on the 19th of January. We can't wait to see who will come out on top in this new handheld war, it's Sony vs. Nintendo all over again.
The attached image is of the PSP Go. 


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