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Simulators are widely used in the aviation fraternity to teach pilots how to fly aeroplanes. In other countries such as the US, simulators are also employed as part of drivers’ education at schools. Now Afsim Driving simulators has made this technology available locally, giving local learner drivers the ability to acquire basic driving skills in a safe, yet realistic environment before they head on out to the real world roads.

Driving simulator features

Afsim imports simulators that are built into mobile units, in order to allow access to these devices anywhere where there exist a demand for driver training.

The simulators boast real vehicle parts including a right hand drivers unit, seat belt, earphones, steering wheel, indicator, windscreen wiper controls and a five-speed manual gearbox, giving learner drivers a very realistic experience. The clutch for example is not a spring or a hydraulic system, but a real clutch plate and there is also a 32" LCD display incorporating the rear view mirror views.

“We wanted to fill the gap between people who cannot drive at all and the training which is provided at traditional driving schools,” said Joubert Smith, general manager of Afsim.  

Creating the most realistic experience possible

Unlike some realistic looking driving games, the Afsim simulators are designed to enable learner drivers to practice and develop skills they will need when driving a real car. Users also receive reports after each session, enhancing their learning experience.

Smith stated that Afsim aims to not only teach learners and other potential drivers to pass their driver’s licence test, but to contribute towards improved quality of driving in South Africa by establishing the correct driving skills under all possible scenarios.

The latter is achieved in a relaxed, controlled and safe environment, in which learners can establish their skills through constant repetition under direct facilitation of qualified facilitators.

K53 test standards

The training is based on the K53 driver test standards and there are 12 modules learners can follow, including practicing changing gears, clutch control, incline starts, parallel parking, driving in city traffic, as well as driving at night or in bad weather conditions the likes of rain and even snow.

There is feedback on every single physical component of the simulator, explained Marelize Labuschagne, marketing manager of Afsim. “If you choose the simulation in rainy conditions, the learners need to activate the wipers and they have to switch on the lights in night conditions.”

“Since we first introduced the product at the end of last year, we have received overwhelming interest from across South Africa and even other African countries”, she concluded.

For more information about Afsim business opportunities or the location of existing business units, visit the Afsim website or contact the company on 051-432-0638.


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