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At Samsung’s impending launch on May 3, the highly anticipated Galaxy SIII smartphone is roundly expected to be unveiled.
However, that is not the only development the Korean company may reveal, as reports are indicating that it will also lift the lid on its iCloud competitor, dubbed the S Cloud.
According to an apparently leaked Samsung Electronics SW Consolidation Plan, reports on Maeil Business, Boy Genius Report, and the Verge  are asserting that Samsung’s cloud offering could take on Apple’s iCloud by removing restrictions on the type of media that could be uploaded.
Additionally, it will apparently provide access to music, TV series and movies, while both paid and free content will naturally be available across Samsung tablets, smartphones and notebooks.
Cloud watching
How exactly this will work is as yet unclear. Considering the emphasis Samsung placed on its AllShare Play offering and its vision for integrating content across all its devices (including TV) at its recent Samsung Africa Forum, we would hardly be surprised if it proves true.  
Other rumours include that the service may offer more than 5 GB of storage. Particularly pertinent (if true) for those in South Africa who tend to get left behind the curve is the rumour that Samsung has partnered with Microsoft to offer the expected service globally.
That – and the new SIII – may not be the only announcements made at the anticipated London launch. According to Boy Genius Report, Samsung might unveil yet another 10.1” tablet as well. However, indications are that this won’t be the quad core Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, but some other dual-core tablet.
We are inclined to take this rumour with a pinch of salt though, as it just seems quite unlikely given the recent announcements of the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and the Galaxy Note 10.1.   
To the point
However, as exciting as the unveiling of the SIII smartphone may be, if Samsung can pull off its S Cloud globally, this could have far greater ramifications in the long run than adding yet another smartphone to its range.
Apple’s iCloud, Dropbox, Microsoft’s SkyDrive and Google Drive all indicate the growing popularity of cloud based services. It was with good reason that we identified cloud-based services as one of our top tech trends in 2012, and the viability of cloud businesses seems at this point like a sure bet, despite the prolific number of competitors.  

If Samsung can offer unrestricted content across its devices alone, this could also give its notebooks, notebooks and smartphones a precious edge in the competitive mobile market moving forward, and that could prove more valuable than any number of sales of a single new smartphone. 


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