Essential approaches for securing the multi-cloud

By Industry Contributor 18 June 2024

For the modern organisation that aims to have built in resiliency to better ride the waves of change in an effective, yet cost-conscious way, multi-cloud is becoming increasingly popular as it offers more flexible infrastructure that fits with... FULL STORY >


How to secure your corporate cloud environment

By Industry Contributor 24 May 2024

By Naresh Thukkani, Group CTO at inq. FULL STORY >


Eight reasons to embrace Zero Trust Security for solid cyber resilience in a hybrid cloud era

By Industry Contributor 11 April 2024

By Phillip de Waal, Systems Engineering Manager at Nutanix FULL STORY >


Smart Multicloud Policies: A Golden Ticket to Modernising IT Infrastructure

By Industry Contributor 4 April 2024

South Africa’s public sector organisations are facing serious IT challenges but have been left without the tools to address them. Sandie Nkonqa, from Dell Technologies South Africa, explains. FULL STORY >


Data from Infobip shows impact of conversational customer experiences and GenAI in 2023

By Press Release 28 March 2024

New research from global cloud communications platform Infobip reveals how conversational customer experiences and generative AI developments have created a long-lasting impact for how people and brands... FULL STORY >


Combating drinking and driving and police corruption in South Africa with cloud technology

By Industry Contributor 26 March 2024

By Rhys Evans, Managing Director at ALCO-Safe FULL STORY >


The new age of work: How can businesses transform their work from remote to smart

By Staff Writer 20 March 2024

The world of work has undergone a complete reconstruction in the last few years. Several macro and micro economic factors coupled with a turbulent political environment have force businesses of all sizes to shift... FULL STORY >


Obsidian delivers cloud data backup peace of mind with HYCU

By Press Release 19 March 2024

With Atlassian Cloud customers only able to export their data once every 48 hours, there is a significant gap to effectively protect and recover their mission-critical data. FULL STORY >


Fluss is launching the next wave of IoT solutions

By Press Release 18 March 2024

Fluss, the company that brought you the popular access control device and cloud-based service, is proud to announce its newest IoT product: Fluss+. FULL STORY >


Women in datacentres must be prioritised

By Industry Contributor 14 March 2024

By Faith Waithaka, Cloud and Service Provider Segment Sales Lead: Anglophone Africa at Schneider Electric FULL STORY >


Cloud repatriation will top IT agendas in 2024 – here’s what CIOs need to consider

By Industry Contributor 13 March 2024

President Ntuli, Managing Director for HPE South Africa identifies key considerations for CIOs navigating the shift towards cloud repatriation, which is set to dominate IT agendas in 2024. FULL STORY >


Cybersecurity strategies for cloud acceleration in financial services

By Industry Contributor 7 March 2024

BT's Todd Schoeman explains why effective cybersecurity must align to organisation’s needs and take its lead from its requirements and unpacks why security must enable, not define. FULL STORY >


Integrating Generative AI into the Cloud - Trends for 2024

By Industry Contributor 5 March 2024

Two of Synthesis Technology’s experts in this field, Naseem Ahmed, Cloud Mobilisation Practice Lead, and Jonathan Sidney, Cloud Platform Lead believe that this is the year where cloud and Gen AI are going to shine. FULL STORY >


Huawei Cloud: Infrastructure of Choice for AI with 10 Systematic Innovations Unveiled in MWC Barcelona 2024

By Press Release 27 February 2024

This year's Huawei Cloud Summit demonstrated how Huawei Cloud is the infrastructure of choice for AI applications. FULL STORY >


Building business resilience: The power of a multi-cloud strategy against cyberthreats

By Industry Contributor 16 February 2024

Rodney Kinchington from BT explains how companies can take concrete steps to fortify their business continuity and data security efforts. FULL STORY >

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