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Local distributor, Tarsus Technologies has announced the availability of Samsung’s most recent line up of LED projectors.

“The latest projector offerings from Samsung concentrate on exactly what customers are looking for,” says Levina de Matos, Samsung product manager at Tarsus, “delivering faithful, colour-perfect performance, distinctive contemporary designs, an almost whisper-silent operation and multiple connectivity options.”
According to Tarsus, the new line of data projectors is suited to a wide variety of disciplines. For example, the Samsung SP-A600 – a full HD projector that features Digital Light Projection 1080p film technology, which is the same technology used in high-definition television displays. 
The SP-A600 features a of connectivity options and offers video support for Blu-ray as well as a PC input.
“With guaranteed colour accuracy, this projector provides the perfect colour gamut for each broadcasting standard. The SP-A600 truly is a dazzling LED data projector with groundbreaking 1,000 ANSI lumens, which lights up the screen with your favourite TV channels, movies and games,” de Matos adds.
“Looking at the portable powerhouses in Samsung’s new line-up, the SP-P400 and SP-410M (differing only in brightness – 150 and 170 respectively) are both LED-based DLP Pocket Projectors that offer the user convenience and mobility by fitting neatly into a laptop bag or briefcase.
“Featuring a USB port and auto play functionality, these projectors support Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF and JPG playback capabilities, allowing road warriors to leave their notebooks at the office and carry nothing more than a USB Flash Memory Stick to their presentations,” de Matos continues.
The LED lamp on these projectors will also never need to be replaced, which reduces operational costs. It also has a 30,000-hour lifespan with an auto power on/off functionality to preserve the bulb.
In addition, it also incorporates stereo speakers, a remote control and support for USB multimedia with instant media play, as well as an 80” maximum screen size.
Included in Samsung’s projector line-up in the mobile professional field is the SP-H05, which is a portable handheld device designed for travel usage.
“It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and it has a built-in player for Microsoft Office file formats, PDF, movies, music and video. It also works with any mp3 player, personal gaming device, cell phone or notebook and has its own built-in battery and speakers, as well as a MicroSD card slot,” de Matossays.
"Samsung’s new line of data projectors offers something innovative for every sector of the market – right from home entertainment, to the classroom, through to the mobile professional – delivering convenience, high performance and practicality,” de Matos concludes.
Costing and release details are currently unavailable.


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