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Sony Computer Entertainment's Kevin Butler, the fictitious vice president of a number of Sony departments, recently featured in a new website mocking Microsoft's Kinect for its lack of control (a.k.a lack of buttons).

Butler isn't really a vice president at the company, he is a marketing character portrayed by actor Jerry Lambert as part of Sony's 'It Only Does Everything' advertising campaign for the PlayStation 3.
He is well known in the gaming industry for his humorous hijinks and has received such a positive reception that Sony has decided to extend his campaign throughout the rest of the year. Some of his past fictional titles include director of game accuracy, VP of fanboy relations and VP of first person shooter relations.
For his latest campaign Sony launched a website known as, and as one can guess, it makes fun of the Kinect for being button-less. His title in the newest campaign is that of VP of auditory opinions.
In this tongue-in-cheek marketing exploit users can go over to the site and have the option of clicking on a Move controllers' buttons while Butler drops comments about how awesome buttons are and how lame it would be not having them.
Some of his prize comments include, "did you know the button was invented by Edison?," and a hilarious poem outlining the greatness of buttons on controllers. It's all quite enjoyable, just head on over to the link and keep pressing those buttons. 
We’ve recently seen a number of surprisingly creative (and strange) marketing ploys from big companies, even Microsoft is getting in on the action, recently holding a mock funeral for competing smartphones.


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