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After finally introducing the world to its PSP successor, the NGP (next generation portable), Sony last week also launched its new PlayStation Suite, aimed at bringing the PlayStation experience to Android devices.

PlayStation Suite (PS Suite) is an entirely new initiative by the company to extend PlayStation titles beyond the realm of Sony's own devices. This will be the first time the company will be offering its titles on such an open operating system.
The move may have been inspired in part by Microsoft's decision last year to extend Xbox Live functionalities to Windows Phone 7 running smartphones.
While providing new content to Android-based portable devices, Sony will simultaneously be launching its new "PlayStation Certified" license program. This program will offer development support, logo licensing and other services to hardware manufacturers to help them bring the premium PlayStation experience to Android systems.
Sony plans to release PS Suite content within this year, with original PlayStation (PSOne) classics slated for the service. The company is also opening its new PlayStation Store where users will be able to download new PS Suite content directly from their Android devices.
The cherry on top is that Sony will also be allowing new game development to take place on PS Suite, meaning a wide new range of developers will be able to create content for the service. Any titles developed for PS Suite will also be able to run on Sony's new NGP, bringing the worlds of mobile gaming that much closer to one another.
No release dates for PS Suite have been revealed as of yet, but it has been made known that PS Suite will only run on devices equipped with Android 2.3 or higher. 


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