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A new software package launched by Symantec aims to protect Android-based mobile devices from viruses and the risks associated with losing or having one’s mobile device stolen.

Con Mallon, Symantec’s director of Mobile Product Management, pointed out that as Android devices are becoming increasingly popular, there is a greater chance they could be targeted by cybercriminals.

Data Protection

A more common threat to the personal information contained on a smartphone or tablet could also come from the device being lost or stolen. To this end, users can employ the new software, Norton Mobile Security for Android 2.0 and above, to locate their mobile device. Additionally, the software automatically locks their mobile device if the SIM card is removed, to prevent thieves from using it with another card.

Owners can also remotely disable their smartphone or tablet and all personal information can similarly be remotely deleted from the device.
Virus Protection

According to Symantec, the software detects and eliminates threats before they can infect one’s smartphone or tablet, and automatically scans all the files and app updates that are downloaded. Furthermore, users can choose to automatically scan their SD memory cards, as well as block calls and texts from specific phone numbers.

New threat updates are performed weekly, and the software performs updates when one’s Android device is in one’s home service area, so as to eliminate the possibility of being charged roaming fees when out of the country.  

Norton Mobile Security is currently available in South Africa at select retailers, such as Incredible Connection, and has an RRP of R400.

In recent news, Symantec released its latest report on malware which indicated a disturbing rise in infected emails and websites, with one in every 281 emails being infected.

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