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Taiwanese electronics manufacturer ASUS recently announced the release of the, “world's first wireless HDMI kit”. The Wireless Audio Video Interaction (WAVI) enables full high definition streaming from a PC directly to your living room TV, effectively giving your favourite YouTube content a new TV home.

The kit features two-way wireless USB control and includes a pair of devices (transmitter and receiver), which enables the data transfer. And don't think watching YouTube videos on the TV is the cream of the crop here, as users can play the latest PC games, enjoy social networking such as Facebook and Twitter and even browse through Kalahari or Amazon's new products during some online shopping, all done from the comfort of your living room sofa.

The WAVI allows users to control their PC content in the living room via a wireless keyboard and mouse (thanks to wireless USB support), so navigating the web isn't a struggle either. The device operates in the 5.0 GHz band and provides up to 25 metres of coverage.

Users can also activate an ‘Extend Mode’ which allows you to continue working on your PC while simultaneously keeping the kids busy by streaming movies to the TV in the living room. This maximises the use of a single PC and TV combo, and allows everyone to enjoy online content without having to fight over 'computer time'.

The WAVI is also easy to set up, with only an HDMI connection needed on each unit. Users simply plug the transmitter end to their PC, the receiver end to their TV (with HDMI) and voila, they can enjoy any PC content on their big screen TV, even playing PC games lag-free.

No local pricing or availability info is available yet.

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