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When Microsoft announced at the annual E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles this year that it would be releasing a revamped, redesigned, slimmer Xbox 360 to the international market it left gamers worldwide chomping at the bit to get their hands on the new console.

The company soon took things a step further by confirming that it would be rolling out official Xbox LIVE support to South Africa in 2010, which left us clamouring to find out when the new device and the service would be released locally. 
Although Microsoft has yet to confirm South African release dates, early adopters can now get their hands on a slim Xbox 360 console. 
Locally based electronic goods importer Wantitall is currently offering the console for a price of R3 872, with a thirteen to twenty working day shipping time. It includes a 250 GB hard drive, built in 802.11n wireless support and a Kinect motion control port amongst other features. 
Justin Drennan of Wantitall has however confirmed that these consoles are sourced from Amazon in the US and are, as a result, based on the NTSC standard. South Africa’s video stanard is PAL. 
Amazon is not currently offering shipment of US based NTSC Xbox 360 consoles to South Africa.
Although it has not been confirmed how well this console may function on a PAL enabled television set, Drennan stressed that buyers will only be able to play NTSC enabled games on the device and added that the offer is primarily focused towards avid Xbox 360 fans who are early adopters. 
Microsoft released the first PAL versions of its new console in Europe this past weekend. This may give some indication that the company is gearing up towards releasing the updated device in South Africa within the coming weeks.


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