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With the vinyl revolution in full swing, overpriced LPs have never been so popular. Catching this revival while it’s hot is Crosley Radio, who are introducing the only commercially produced jukebox in the world - the Vinyl Rocket.

With space for up to 70 records, you can most probably even place a few of your Now That’s What I Call Music albums in there, while the rotating mechanism allows both A- and B-sides to be played. It would seem like this solution is meant for individuals rather than, say bars, since it includes a remote through which you can skip records, manage the volume and shuffle play. For an old school feel you can also select the records from the button bank on the machine.

Sound is taken care of by a D4 amplifier with two independent stereo channel outputs responsible for 60 W RMS per channel. You’ll also find two mid-range speakers, two tweeters and one 12" twin cone bass speaker. If you get tired of your records, you can always stream other tunes through the jukebox using its Bluetooth connection.

We know that vinyl junkies can be quite obsessive about their gear and don’t mind dropping some cold hard cash when needed (or not). For the pleasure of your own vinyl jukebox though, you will have to cough up $12 995.


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