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DJI shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to the rollout of new drones. Case in point the Mavic Air, which is the latest foldable drone that the company has unveiled. This offering sits between DJI's two other foldable drones, the Spark and Mavic Pro, costing roughly $799 Stateside. 

The fact that it sits in the middle of foldable drone pack for DJI means that it has elements of both the Spark and Mavic Pro. To that end it is quite compact and lightweight at 430 g, making it an estimated 41% lighter than the larger Pro. On the camera side of things, the Mavic Air is sporting a 12 MP 1/2.3" CMOS sensor that has a 85 degree field of view and can record up to 4K UHD (3840x2160). Added to this is the ability to capture 4:3 (4056x3040) or 16:9 (4056x2280) still images. 

When it comes to flying, the Mavic Air can ascend at speeds of up to 4 m/s and a top speed of 68.4 km/h depending on the wind conditions. The onboard 2375 mAh battery can deliver up to 21 minutes of flight, which is five times more than that of the Spark, but still far short of what the Pro can handle. As such, that should prove an important consideration when weighing up the two.   

As far as buying this latest drone locally goes, it has already begun popping up for pre-order, with photography specialists like Outdoor Photo listing it as available from 29 January. They are selling the standalone unit (black or white) for R15 695 and the Fly More Combo (black or white) for R19 695.   


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