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It may only be a few days until Activision and Treyarch's latest first person shooter (FPS) title in the Call of Duty series, COD: Black Ops, hit store shelves, but that hasn't stopped the mega publisher from revealing that yet another COD game is in development.

According to Gamespot, Activision Blizzard today issued a very positive earnings report in which it announced a $51 million quarterly profit. After the announcement the publisher revealed a glimpse of its future plans, announcing that another Call of Duty game is planned for the latter half of 2011.
While no details have been released regarding developers or name for the new title, it's believed that the next major game in the series will be Modern Warfare 3. It has been confirmed that MW3 is in development, and it was pretty obvious from the way the last game ended in any case.
It has become a bit of a tradition in recent years for gamers to expect a new Call of Duty game each year, prompting some to lose a bit of faith in Activision's apparent profit chasing strategies. Last year we had Modern Warfare 2, in a few days we'll have Black Ops and the same time this year the next Call of Duty will be going on sale.
Either way, the immensely popular first person shooters still succeed, and in some way each iteration have managed to bring something fresh to the series.
Another Call of Duty title is also on the way from Sledgehammer Games, although Activision said this title may take the COD series away from the FPS genre for the first time. The company did reveal that the Sledgehammer title is not the unnamed title slated for next year.
Well as the world keeps turning so Activision keeps making Call of Duty games. We aren't complaining too much though, and are definitely looking forward to Treyarch's Black Ops which is releasing on the 9th of November for the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.


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