By Mike Joubert 1 September 2009


We started taking serious notice of the SANYO range of video cameras when they first introduced their clever underwater range.

They’ve made the news again with the world’s first range of dual cameras capable of capturing both HD video and 8 megapixel stills. SANYO’s FH1 is a traditional horizontal camcorder and also the world’s smallest unit capable of this dual functionality, while we received the pistol gripped HD2000 for review.

The HD2000 is capable of full HD video at a grand 60 fps and 1080i. SANYO calls it a dual camera as you’re also capable of quickly and easily taking 8 megapixel pictures with the unit.

That said, the HD2000 is first and foremost a videocamera. It seriously impressed us with its HD video quality, playback options and a solid 10x optical zoom.

You’re not going to get the still picture quality or functionality you would from a SLR, but the camera does stand its ground against most compact digitals, and can even be fitted with a conversion lens.

The HD2000 comes with a RRP of R9500. Call SANYO 011- 304-6000 for more info.

Capable of capturing Full HD video.
While SANYO are pushing dual functionality it is primarily a video camera.

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